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Mission Statement

Our goal is simple. To change the way we eat in order to save the planet. The current manner we consume animal products (breads, meats, etc) is often derived often from the chicken and cow industry which is so damaging to our planet. The annual release of tons CO2, topsoil erosion, and out of control GMOs in our food, can simply no longer be tolerated. That’s why we started an Ostrich Ranch. 100% Organic, Ethical, and Sustainable is what we stand for. Not to mention all the added health benefits such nearly cholesterol free meat and eggs, low fat contents, and overall larger vitamin contents. So get your head out of the sand, and start eating ostrich today!


El único lugar donde puedes cambiar un Ajolote por un Avestruz


Adultos: $50 MX

Niños: Gratis

Todo o Nada

Los avestruces ponen huevos para un mínimo de 6 personas, así que esperamos que hayas traído un grupo o tengas un gran apetito. También tenemos a la venta Carne de Avestruz que se cocina a la vista o se puede llevar a casa.

Para probar nuestros productos, debe reservar con anticipación para la mejor experiencia.

Echa un vistazo a lo que otros piensan de Nuestros Dinosaurios

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¿Vienes en coche? Vengas de donde vengas, aquí hay algunos lugares que quizás quieras visitar de camino al rancho

Rutá Mérida

Refréscate en el Cenote Sambulá en Motul
Después de alimentar a los Dinosaurios, serás 19 minutos de la Playa de San Crisanto
Disfruta de un paseo en Lancha por Manglares para Nadar en un Cenote

Rutá Progreso

Nada en 3 Cenotes en El Corchito
Visita la Laguna Rosada y prueba la sal rosa
Explora las Ruinas de Xcambó
(Que es Gratis los Domingos para Nacionales)

El Corchito

Laguna Rosada


Cenote Sambulá

Manglar Cenote

Playa de San Crisanto

Ever Seen an Ostrich Chick Before?

Book a tour, and get the chance to meet the cutest member of our family! (Only applicable at certain times of the year)

Ellos no Pueden Esperar Para Conocerte

Ostriches are super curious creatures. They love getting to interact with new people, and receiving affection from visitors. Maybe you can even catch them doing their little dance of joy!

Feed a Living Dinosaur

Don’t be startled if you hear the roar of a lion in the Yucatan Jungle, that’s more than likely one of our Ostriches! Our adult ostriches are easily over 2 meters (7 ft), and enjoy the treat being fed a fresh branch by tourist. It’s a like a game of tug of war for them!

100% Organic Virtually Cholesterol-Free

Yucatecan Products

Red Ostrich Meat

The Closest thing to Eating a Dinosaur (And no it doesn't taste like Chicken) that is high in Iron, Protein, and Zinc. Doesn't Shrink when Cooked, and much more sustainable than Beef. If you want a good Carne Asada or Burger in Yucatan, it's Ostrich!

Ostrich Eggs

The Biggest Eggs on the Planet Require a Dinosaur-Sized Appetite (or around 10 people) to finish. Filled with Omega-3, Vitamin A, and Amino Acids, these Eggs will get you ready for whatever Life throws at you (Maybe even a Meteor!)

Near The Beach?

100% Hand Crafted Lamps

No Two of our Lamps will ever be the same, since each one is uniquely made using a different process each and every single time. Want to see them in person? Visit us in Chicxulub in El Sendero Jurasico

Ostrich Anyone?


Carne Asada, Al Pastor, Barbacoa


Scrambled, Omelett, Boiled

Chocolate Flan

Unforgettable Dessert


Can't Have Enough

Camping +

Avestruces =

Algo Eggcelente

Glamping Tents

Solo disponible con previo aviso

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