Less Land


Less water


Less Greenhouse Gases

To make 1 Kilo of Meat when Compared to

I Can't Believe Its Not Beef!?

The Only Other Red Meat that is recommended by the American Heart Association (The Guys on the Front of the Cherrio's Ceral Box) due to its less than 1% . It's also the closest thing to Eating a Dinosaur (And no it doesn’t taste like Chicken) that is high in Iron, Protein, and Zinc. Doesn’t Shrink when Cooked, and much more sustainable than Beef. If you want a good Carne Asada or Burger in Yucatan, it’s Ostrich!

I Can't Believe they're not Dinosaur Eggs!

The Biggest Eggs on the Planet Require a Dinosaur-Sized Appetite (or around 10 people) to finish. Filled with Omega-3, Vitamin A, and Amino Acids, these Eggs will get you ready for whatever Life throws at you (Maybe even a Meteor!)

Look At the Ways You can cook Ostrich

Bring Your Friends For A Dinosaur-Sized Breakfast