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Egg-cellent Products

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Our Latest Creations

Proudly 100% Yucatecan Products

We Also Deliver

Ostriches may not be able to fly, but we can defiantly ship their products by road, air, and sea to your door!

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Egg Shell Lamps

100% Hand Crafted Lamps

No Two of our Lamps will ever be the same, since each one is uniquely made using a different process each and every single time. Want to see them in person? Visit us in Chicxulub in El Sendero Jurasico

Eggs, Eggs, and More Eggs

100% Hand-Painted and a 100% Perfect Gift for Anyone

Santa's Reindeer
The All Knowing Owl
The Queen's Egg
Snowman in the Sun

We also do Custom Orders for Any and All Occasions!

The Egg Shell

Feeling Artistic? Our Ostrich Egg Shells are a Canvas unlike any other! Cut it, Paint it, Shape it to your Heart's content!

The Classic

A Porcelain-like Smooth, yet Strong Material

The Melon

Strong, yet Bumpy with a unique Texture

The Feathers

Yearling Feathers

Molted Feathers from our Yearlings that shed fast due to their immense 1-Foot Per Month Growth during their first 6 Months. Perfect for making dusters, hat accessory, and more!

Adult Feathers

Treasured for Hundreds of Years due to their natural beauty, our Ostrich Adult Feather's are perfect for any Fashion Event, Home Decor, or Souvenir.

Exclusive Head Wear & Designs

Pixel Ostrich Hat

It's too hot to go alone, take this!

Ancient Mayan Ostrich

The Mayans made Pyramids and we made this pretty neat Hat to highlight that Pre-Hispanic history

El Nido Del Avestruz Exclusive Design

Mayan Ostrich T-Shirt


Proudly Made in Merida with our Trademarked Mayan Ostrich Design. Take home a piece of Yucat√°n while supporting your favorite Local Ostrich Ranch